Fine chocolates to taste Post by Francisco Lacerda, 25th January 2021

If you love chocolate, then you should know some interesting facts about chocolate: Ecuador is known to some of the best cacao beans in the world. If you travel to Belgium you will always find a good chocolate shop. The average Swiss eats more than 10 kilos of chocolate per year! Italians also enjoy using chocolate in their pastries, a win for anyone with a sweet tooth. In USA, it is the world’s biggest producer of chocolate. We made a list of the top chocolate brands in the world. Most of this chocolates you can purchase online, while other only in luxury boutiques.

Le Chocolat by Alain Ducasse

Il Cioccolato by Ginza Lab

Armani/Dolci by Guido Gobino


La Maison du Chocolat by Robert Linxe

Amedei’s chocolate by Cecilia Tessieri

About La Maison RICHART by Richart

The House of Grauer

The Maison Pierre Marcolini by Pierre Marcolini

Vosges Haut-Chocolat by Katrina Markoff


Maison Debauve et Gallais by Bernard Poussin and Diane Junique 

House of Knipschildt by Fritz Knipschildt

Manufacture Cluizel by Michel Cluizel

Caffarel by Paul Caffarel 

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